Friday, September 20, 2019

How Many Moving Violations Will Deactivate a Driver from Lyft and Uber

How Many Moving Violations Will Deactivate a Driver from Lyft and Uber?
If you are thinking 3 you might be surprised.

One of the most feared messages TNC drivers can read on mobile devices say that they have been deactivated.  In hindsight, perhaps, they think they should have signed up for traffic school after that ticket last month. 

It has been a big misconception among drivers that an automatic deactivation can occur after 3 moving violations. After a friend got deactivated from both Lyft and Uber we learned that this is not the case.

After two moving violations appear on the driving record, which the TNC companies check periodically, a red flag goes up and other items on the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) report go into consideration.  My friend had two accidents listed on the report. Both accidents were not my friend's fault but nevertheless were documented on the report, which was enough to get the driver deactivated from both TNC companies.

Uber was not at all helpful when asked as for a reason, but after paying a visit to the Los Angeles Lyft hub a representative shed light on the mystery and offered suggestions as to how to rectify the report. He suggest that a call to the main DMV office in Sacramento is the best way to begin the process of expunging the items on the report. If the accidents are three or more years old, the DMV might be able to expunge them from the record. The DMV might also help with a citation removal with proof of the completion of a driver traffic school class. According to the California Courts website, a repeat traffic school certificate will not be honored if the driver took a course for a citation less than 18 month earlier.

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