Thursday, October 3, 2019

LAX to end curbside pick-ups by rideshare companies, taxis beginning Oct. 29

LAX to end curbside pick-ups by rideshare companies, taxis beginning Oct. 29

Source: KABC 7 News - Los Angeles, CA

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KABC) -- Traveling from Los Angeles International Airport will soon be an even bigger headache.

LAX is set to bar curbside pick-ups by rideshare and taxi drivers, and instead will require travelers to take a shuttle bus to a designated lot to catch their ride. Drop-offs will continue to be allowed on the upper deck of the airport.

The changes to the curb operations at the major airport are set to take effect on Oct. 29 at 3 a.m., according to an advisory from the airport.

An LAX spokesperson tells Eyewitness News there will be frequent shuttle routes and will be within walking distance from the airport.

The airport has seen an increase in travelers and is in the middle of a modernization project.