Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dealing with Snowflakes

As I was waiting for the next plane to land at Long Beach Airport I got a request for a pick down the street at a bar.
I accepted the ride and picked up the bar hoppers. We went from one bar to another in Los Alamitos.

The pax asked me if I was having a busy day, and I told him it was pretty mellow at the airport where I do most of my business. Somehow he mentioned that Obama landed there once in Air Force One and I told him who Bill Clinton blocked LAX for 2 1/2 hours to get a haircut. I also mentioned that President Bush used to land Air Force One at Los Alamitos air base.

Then he asked me what I thought of President Trump. I didn't lie and told him I liked him and I really like the positive change that was going on in the nation.

He pointed to a corner and told me that was his stop.
He ended the ride a mile and a half from the bar he was going to.

Some people are such snowflakes.

One star for him.