Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Picking Up at Airports, Stations and Cruise Line Terminals

Many drivers just take off when they get a ride request, expecting that the passenger (pax) is ready. If you are caught waiting for your pax you might find yourself in trouble with the law enforcement officers in that area. Here are some tips to help things go smoothly.

Warning: The following may result in higher tips!

1: Familiarize yourself with the rules of the area you are working in. Some airports have staging areas set up for drivers to wait for rides. Many airports have designated areas for pick ups and drop offs. The rules may be posted online on a website for that particular depot.

2: When you get a ride request always call the pax to ensure they are ready for pick up at the proper place.

3: While on the phone remind the pax of what kind of car you are in and give them an estimate time of arrival.

4: While on the phone with the pax ask for the destination. Tell them if they do not see you that you will step out of the car and yell out their name and destination.

5: Open the trunk of your vehicle and assist them with bags. If you have a cargo net beware of bag zippers and casters snagging the cargo net. If you have a bad back pull down the cargo net for them while they load the bags in.

6: When you get to the destination always step out of the car, open the trunk and assist with the removal of the bags. If you have a backpack in the trunk this will prevent it from accidentally getting taken by your weary pax.

7 Always thank your guests. I usually say, "Thank you for flying LYFT or Uber."

LYFT APP at Long Beach Airport

This just in...

Lyft app is telling drivers in staging lot to drive to airport. If the Airport Police see you waiting at the pick up area without a ride request you may be cited.

Stay put and wait for your request before driving to outer curb.