Monday, August 28, 2017

LAX PD Getting Wise to Uber Driver Tricks

Reports of Uber drivers pulling into the LAX staging lot and going off line to increase the surge rates have gotten the attention of LAX PD.

A driver told me that officers will pull into the lot and check vehicles for proper permit, trade dress, and that app is online and ready to get a ride request.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Uber App Airport Queue

Interesting false information on the Uber app at both Long Beach and LAX the other day.

While driving to the area the app said there was only one Uber in the lot. When I got to the lot, it was loaded with cars.

Although I did not go to the Jenny lot at LAX, that area is always full of Ubers and Lyft. The Lyft app said the lot was full. 

I waited at 96th and Airport and got a Lyft request in 10 minutes.

Moral of story: Don't believe what you see.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

UPDATE: LAX Staging Area & Pick Up Guide

Major change now at the LAX Staging Area Lot on Jenny. They close daily from 2AM to 5AM.

Also, please note that multiple trade dress (Uber/Lyft/Wingz, etc.) are not permitted at LAX. Drivers may be fined for fishing with more than one line in the water.

Staging area including outside of the TNC STAGING LOT:

Inside LAX:

Step by step pickups at LAX

Rider requests from LAX will only happen at the Designated TNC Airport Assignment Area (yellow area in the image above). You will not receive an airport request outside of this area (and may be issued a citation) if you're seen waiting on airport property.

There is a Staging Lot located at 96th St and Jenny Ave for you to park and wait, except nightly from 2am - 5am. There a few things to keep in mind while waiting for requests:

The Airport Assignment Area is "first in, first out"; upon entering the staging line, you will be placed in line for the next trip request

The Airport Assignment Area has a 30-minute time limit

If you do not receive a trip request in 30 minutes, exit the Airport Assignment Area and re-enter

If you leave the Airport Assignment Area or turn off your app, you will be placed at the back of the line

Once you accept a request you'll head to the upper departures level and meet them at a Ride Service Pickup sign

Ride Service Pickup signs are lettered from A-E, and are located throughout the terminals

Make sure you exit the Staging Lot by 2am each night. Unattended vehicles may be cited or towed.

While the Staging Lot is closed nightly from 2am - 5am, you are still eligible for LAX pickup requests while you are in the Airport Assignment Area at all times

Source: Uber Los Angeles