Thursday, July 20, 2017

Car Cleaning Tips

One of the biggest complaints riders have with TNC cars is that sometimes they are dirty. Our customer base likes using our services because our cars are supposed to be cleaner than taxi cabs. Sometimes we get lower ratings because we overlook cleanliness in our back seats.

After all, we are driving around town picking up slobs who track all sort of crap in our cars.

Here are some tips to help with keeping your car clean.

1 - Subscribe to a monthly car wash service.
Some car wash business offer a monthly rate ranging from $25 to $80 depending on the car wash and what services they provide.

2 - After every couple of rides step out of the car and stretch your legs. Walk around the car and check the back seat and floor mats. A lint roller in the trunk takes very little space and is great for tidying up the upholstery.

3 - Sometimes passengers leave body or food odors.  Keep a Febreze spray handy and spray the car interior before you take off to pick up the next passenger.  I have a Febreze vent deodorizer but giving the car an extra spray with the same scent in the back seat or floor mats really helps.

4 - One a month have the car professionally cleaned and detailed.

5 - Sometimes you get buffs along the car's body. Having some Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound and an old rag in a plastic bag in the trunk is just what the doctor ordered to rub out those buffs and scratches.

6 - People sometimes bring food into the car. This can really stink it up for the next rider. Rolling down the windows a bit to circulate the air and spraying the car afterwards my keep those five star ratings.

7 - You have the right to refuse service to people.. it is YOUR car. If you see someone sitting on the dirty ground waiting for a pick up, cancel the ride and keep driving.  You don't need that filth in your car.