Monday, March 11, 2019

LA Uber Drivers Rate Change

Today, Uber sent out a notification that they are changing the rate of pay for drivers.

Basically, Uber increased the rate per minute and the minimum fare, but decreased the rate per mile. This will only affect Uber X and Uber Pool rides.

One important thing to know, as I have compared notes with some of my fellow driver is that some drivers are getting paid more per mile and minute. This may have something to do with how many rides they have given in the past. Uber has not offered any explanation to this.

If driver are going after bonuses, Uber has opened up more flexible options with Quest. So part time drivers might be able to take advantage of the challenges.

I did spread sheet comparison of Lyft vs. Uber rates and in Los Angeles driver still make more with LYFT.  Using my rate of pay I discovered that a 10 minute 10 mile ride with Lyft paid $1.20 more than Uber.