Friday, March 2, 2018

Keeping High Ratings and Earning More $

From this ride share driver's perspective:
This is my LYFT performance review for this week. My wife drives the same car, which we clean before every shift. I always get clean car kudos and she gets poor ratings for this.
What is the difference?
She picks up what I call street urchins. Short rides to work, lunch or the bar along with a few rides to airports or theme parks. Street urchins never tip their drivers and are very critical about "their own private limo," which they share with dozens of others like them.
I solely work Long Beach Airport, Carnival Cruise and LAX.
Weary travelers appreciate the service, request long rides, are CLEAN, rarely mess up the back seat and most importantly few are shit faced drunk.
I pick up my guest, and stop ride requests by going off line after the ride. This gives me time to look in the back seat and shake off the carpets in case they got dirty.
Waiting for the phone call from my wife in tears because some street urchin gave her a bad review.

Am I a snob in your eyes? You bet your ass I am!
This is my business, which I take seriously and if you are going to rate me poorly I am taking it to where people appreciate the service.