Monday, September 28, 2015

Post of the week- a driver calls it quits

Saw this on one of the Uber/Lyft Facebook pages:

Well, fellow lyft/uber drivers it's been fun. I'm gonna call it quits with this gig. This was the final straw...they only paid me $50 for a puker. It cost me twice that for clean up fees. Best of luck to you all.

My response was, "If you hang out near nice hotels, train stations, and airports you improve your chances of not picking up drunks. At night if I get a request I usually call the pax to tell them I am on the way and if they sound drunk or rowdy, I cancel the ride."

Allow me to elaborate.

There is absolutely no contract stipulation with any of the TNC companies that force drivers to pick up drunks. Personally, I do not tolerate drunkenness around me, let alone in my car.

If you are going to drive professionally you can not risk ending a night if some drunken fool pukes in your car so just say "NO!" and let the cheap drunken fools puke in a Yellow cab. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Uber's Tipping Policy

Many drivers do not like how Uber handles tipping advice to riders.

Here is an idea Uber. Why not add a section at the end of the ride in the app to allow for a tip so if the passengers would like to give one they can just charge it to the transaction.

Your competitor, LYFT, does it.

Also, when a driver does a Sidecar deliver service, a tip is added to the transaction.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Post of the week: Brainless Drivers

Found this on Facebook:

I got pulled over for a noise ordinance violation the other night. I was driving a bunch of college students from their fraternity house to a bar off campus. One of them asked for the aux cord. Ok no problem. He then proceeds to crank up his hip hop music at full blast. I didn't say anything but a couple of minutes later I got pulled over. Cop said he could hear me almost 2 blocks away. So on top of open containers and trying to jam more than 4 pax in my vehicle now I have to deal with not letting them play the music too loud.


With School being back in session maybe I should address some key points and solutions for certain situations.

1 - If you live in a college town and plan to pick up students on weekend maintain situation awareness. Partying students have no regard for the law nor care for your well being. They are just out to have a good time.  Spot check the back seat for open containers. If you see them sneaking in beers CANCEL the ride and kick them out of the car. A ride cancellation will prevent the driver from getting a low star rating.

2 -  If you reluctant to control the volume of the car stereo because you fear a low rating, tell them your Aux system and radio are broken. 

3 - Never allow more passengers in the car than what you are legally permitted to carry. ONE SEAT BELT per PAX is the rule.  If they have more people ask if anyone has never used your ride service, give them your PROMO CODE and tell them to down load the app and request a second car on you.

4 - SAFETY FIRST. You are running a business, not a party boat. If the passengers are load, pull over and tell them you will cancel the ride if they do not settle down. If they do not comply cancel the ride and kick them out. This is nonsense is not worth the $4 you make to take them from campus to a bar. Give them the phone number to a local cab company.